theory that WTNV takes place in a mental institution and Cecil is just sitting in his room broadcasting through a spoon

Not sure what to do. Running out of options and I’m afraid of the consequences. Everything is one big cycle of anxiety and physical pain and inadequacy and wrong turns into dead ends.

I have so little will left.

Corona/Riverside Whovians?

Hey guys, anyone from the corona/riverside/norco areas who have some room in their car on the way to Gallifrey One?  I’m in trouble this year and am either going to have to wait until late afternoon on Friday to get there or I can bum a ride from someone for the morning.  My friends are arriving by plane by 10:30 and I want to try to get there by then if I can.

Can anyone help?  I’m super friendly, won’t steal your shit, and will pay gas money.

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